• Nano technology meets advanced Glass-To-Metal sealing
  • Customized 8 pins signal Penetrators made from Titanium
  • 15kpsi | 6kV | 450A Power Penetrator System for subsea boosting
  • Phaze Water Leak Detector
  • Embedded dual Penetrator for Subsea Electronics Module
  • Retrieveable Hydrocarbon Leak Detector

Serious solutions

Benestad is a provider of sophisticated design
and product solutions in the field of glass/ceramics-to-metal sealing. We have developed this technology since 1985 and continue to follow our philosophy of understanding, developing and employing innovative material technology. Highly specialized proprietary materials and processes are therefore at the heart of our products and production.

We offer serious solutions for demanding applications.

Integrated engineering solutions

Benestad is a provider of customized product solutions.

Our most successful products are the results of early engagement and close cooperation with our clients, where we have been entrusted significant design responsibility for the integration of our product in the client's system.

We provide competitive solutions.

Confidence is earned

Being sole supplier to our clients, our dependability is critical. Our clients rely on our products to provide maximum levels of operational performance and reliability in critical applications.

We have established long term relationships with the leading international companies in the field we operate.