Penetrators and Connectors

Control systems and subsea instrumentation

Penetrators for signal distribution is our largest business area. Our hermetic GTM sealed penetrators are extremely stable and are chosen by clients when high performance and long term reliability matters such as in Subsea Electronic Modules (SEMs).

Benestad offers a wide range of penetrator solutions

  • Embedded Penetrator
  • Coax Penetrator
  • Hybrid Penetrator combining high current and signal pins
  • Insert Penetrator
  • Advanced electrical barrier designs  


The Penetrators are offered in alloys such as Titanium Gr.5, Inconel and Stainless steels. Qualified ultra deep water designs are readily available (4 000m or deeper).

Embedded designs

A Benestad specialty is sealing glass/ceramics directly into the baseplate or end-lid of an enclosure. Embedded Penetrators reduce the number of leakage paths and give unique freedom of design. Compactness and overall cost efficiency are additional advantages.

Scope of Delivery

Our scope of delivery typically comprises design, prototyping, qualification testing, manufacturing and FAT of delivery units. The Penetrators are supplied with wiring, ready for use.



More than 6000 SEM Penetrators are delivered globally since 1989 with an outstanding track record.

Embedded 267 pin penetrator for Subsea Electronics Modules. Titanium Grade 5
Hybrid Multipin penetrator design - combining signal and high current pins
Dry-mate connectors. Titanium Grade 5
Multi pin coaxial penetrator. Titanium Grade 5