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Glass/ceramics-To-Metal sealing (GTM)

Reliability through better materials

Glass/ceramics is the perfect dielectric barrier material!

Our uncompromised R&D effort has made Benestad the industry's technology leader.

For more than three decades we have developed and perfected our sintering and Glass/ceramics-To-Metal sealing technology and developed material compositions and in-house manufacturing processes unique to Benestad.

The benefits of our proprietary materials and processes are embedded into every Benestad product.

Characteristic properties of GTM:

  • Hermetically sealed barrier, no diffusion of gas or liquids
  • In-organic materials only, performance remains unchanged over time
  • Excellent barrier properties, proven to 14 000 bar / 200 000 psi
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties
  • Tolerant to extreme temperatures, proven from -100 to 650° C / -140 to 1 200° F


Glass-To-Titanium-Sealing (GTTS)

Sealing Glass/ceramics directly to Titanium is a Benestad specialty. Today Titanium is used in a growing number of applications throughout the industry. 

Hermetic sealed GTM penetrators are ideal to be used in harsh environments
High pressure designs are a Benestad specialty