Thin film

Physical Vapor Deposition applied to GTM.

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)

Combining advanced thin film technology with our Glass/ceramics-To-Metal sealing provides us with unique technological oppurtunities. For more than a decade, Benestads sophisticated thin film preparation and deposition equipment  has given rise to a number of new innovatice products.

Our main application for thin film technology, is high accuracy electrical ignitors in high volumes for the defence industry. These ignitors are high-end products for the most demanding part of the marketplace, focusing on performance and, in particular, personnel safety. The precision of a PVD deposited resistor bridge gives an unmatched level of accuracy and stability.

Thin films are deposited using EB-PVD (Electron Beam-Physical Vapor Deposition) on surfaces of Glass-To-Metal seals produced and polished in-house.